Pharmaceutical industries are self driven to conquer diseases and extend better support in the heath delivery systems. In the past, the major challenge for pharmaceutical companies was to develop new drugs and advanced dosage forms that show better purity, efficacy and safety. With wide spread Research and Developments and clinical trials to ensure the therapeutic values to combat the new unknown diseases which is posing serious problems to mankind globally the global trend of Pharmaceutical industries are changing towards technology driven advancements and assure better drug delivery and offering effective service towards the health sector.

The scenario of Nepali pharmaceutical market is overwhelmingly dominated by foreign products but massive changes have acknowledged with the entry of domestic pharmaceutical industries since 1990's. Over the years there has been an exponential growth in domestic industries, and at the present Nepali industries are able to get hold of approximately 40% of the market share.

Time Pharmaceuticals was started with the vision to support the nation's better health delivery system, reduce import dependency and lead the nation towards self sufficiency in medicines. Time Pharmaceuticals was established in 1997 as a small industry with limited products however, in due course of time and in the path of development the company has evolved as one of the major contributor in the Nepali health sector. Highly motivated and dedicated human resources, value adding investors and directors of the company have played a pivotal role for success and sustained growth of the company.

The company has been producing cost effective and quality therapeutic products to cater different medical specialties ranging from cardiology, endocrinology, psychiatry, orthopedic, gynecology, urology, dermatology, general surgery, otolaryngology, neurology, dentistry, pediatric and general health.

Inspired by excellence and adhering high ethical standards, Time Pharmaceuticals has been the strength to its society catering different CSR activities which eventually has become the strength to the corporate members. Being consistent with our responsibility and nation's premier innovation based technology driven company we intend to collaborate with health care providers, governing bodies and local communities to provide access to quality and affordable medicines. Moreover we believe in continual evolution with technological advancement which has been accomplished with the newly built state of art cephalosporin block and technical collaboration with MNC.

We would like to thank all our valued patrons who have walked this journey with us to stand where we are today as a quality manufacturer and also our committed human resource providing the best of service for quality health care.


G. Narayan Bahadur Chhetri                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chairman & Managing Director