Narayan Bahadur Chhetri
Chairman & Managing Director
Time Pharmaceuticals


"Touching Lives, Delivering Promises"


 Welcome to the world of Time Pharmaceuticals! The company served the country for more than two decades by  delivering quality products and services to provide the better health care delivery system of Nepal.

Many Medical Research’s, latest medical technologies and new drug discoveries has improved health delivery system that has achieved combating many deadly disease globally. Eradication of small pox, control over polio and extending the lifespan of dangerous Aids and Cancer patients and the latest drugs for chronic and acute ailments, advanced diagnostic procedures etc are the major achievement in the early 21st century.

Nepal has also achieved considerable improvement in the health delivery and is able to deliver advance treatment for cancer, kidney, liver disorders, advanced surgery of neurology beside also  performing organ transplant within the country.  Nepalese Pharmaceuticals sector has also developed significantly and is able to manufacture latest drug that  manages chronic aliment diseases with dependable quality and trustworthy service to the medical fraternity. It is a matter of pride that except vaccines and few biotech product many Pharma companies are able to produce  majority of all Pharma products that can improve the life of a patient suffering from  chronic diseases such as Diabetic’s, Cardiac and Psychotropic disorder ; the latest generation Cephalosporin’s, Beta Lactams, Anti-allergic, drugs for pain management, general products for infestation and general debility etc.

TIME Pharmaceuticals had strengthened its infrastructure to match its manufacturing facilities to the International Standards that can produce a variety of pharmaceutical products for various ailment and suffering citizens of the country. Being one of a fastest growing company  TIME Pharmaceuticals  has adopted latest technology and joint venture efforts which will enable to the company to achieve progressive growth and prosperity beside also give value addition to our country and pharmaceutical developments that ensure betterment to our future citizens.

Nepal has abundant inadequately explored rare herbal properties which needs good improvisation in processing, purification and commercially industrialization. Time Pharma’s diversifications efforts in extraction and herbal processing would certainly support our abundant natural resources, this would definitely develop our abundance Nepal rare herbal possibilities beside value addition to the alternative health treatments and support to national economic growth.

All ourTIMEANS, are highly dedicated, motivated and experienced human resources are great attitude for “Excellence” in delivering our values and promises to the society. I acknowledge all for their great contribution in making Time Pharmaceuticals a prominent and successful organization.