Since its establishment TIME Pharmaceuticals has always committed to achieve excellence in Quality Standard. Every product manufactured and distributed by TIME Pharmaceutical complies with international guidelines of cGMP. Every unit has a well defined Standard of Procedure (SOP) and systems in place in compliance with the requirements of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), WHO.

The company achieves its objective of high Quality Standard by procuring raw materials from highly reputed international suppliers committed to internationally accepted cGMP guidelines. 




  • Enhance product quality by adopting latest technologies, equipments and use of quality ingredients

  • Continuously monitoring the manufacturing system in order to deliver, assured quality before distribution and sales

  • Continuous training and motivation, to personnel's for effective implementation of quality systems.

  • Enhance the customer satisfaction by analyzing the customer complaints and feedback regularly.




 TIME Pharmaceuticals applies quality assurance system to organize its activities in such a way that technical, administrative and human factors are well managed and controlled to enhance the quality of its products. All the control activities are oriented towards the reduction, elimination and prevention of probable quality deficiencies.

The quality control system in TIME Pharmaceuticals consists of a well defined set of specifications and follow through operations to demonstrate assurance for quality. The quality which is intended to be offered to customer is achieved through quality by design(QbD).The translation of the customer’s requirements are represented through quality raw materials, quality packing materials, quality process and quality test methods which are resourced by specifications, validated process and methods.

The WHO cGMP, ISO and ICH guidelines are being adopted as the basis for establishing quality system in the management of inventories, production and the quality control activities. The use of these guidelines has been able to facilitate cooperation within the different functional departments to exchange the informations and experience and harmonization of standards and procedures.