TIME Pharmaceuticals has been enjoying its excellent presence in the Nepali pharmaceutical market since 21 years. Our products are well accepted by the Nepalese medical professionals and the consistent growth of the company was only possible through its dedication and commitment towards delivering sustained and enhanced quality products and services to our customers. We at TIME always take top priority in meeting and exceeding our customer's desire and needs. To accomplish this, company has deployed a strong sales force which makes up a strong distribution network that covers almost every parts of country. Our Sales team is divided into four major divisions: TIME , GENESIS,  NEXUS & COSMO. Each division is structured with competent sales representative, Area sales manager, Regional Sales Managers, Senior Sales Manager. All the sales & marketing activities of four major divisions are supported by highly creative Market Planning Department. A brief description of 4 -main divisions are as follows: 


  • TIME DIVISION  Is our main division & was established on 2054 B.S. It  is our General Division consisting of the therapeutic segments like: Anti-Biotics, NSAIDs, Topical Anti-infective, Expectorants, Anti-Histamine, Vitamin Supplements, PPI's, DMARD along with Ophthalmic Preparations.

  • GENESIS DIVISION is our Specialized Care Division  consisting  of Life-style drugs. It was established on 2063 B.S. GENESIS DIVISION consists of the therapeutic segments like: Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Hypertensive, Diuretics, Anti-Anginal, Hypolipidaemic, Anti-Psychotic, Anti-Parkinsonism, Anti-Anxiety, and Anti-Depressant.

  • NEXUS DIVISION focuses mainly  on Ortho and Gastro; was established on 2066 B.S. NEXUS DIVISION mainly consists of therapeutic segments like: Antibiotics, NSAIDs, Digestive Enzymes, Anti-Emetics, Anti-Spasmodic, Muscle Relaxant, Opoid Analgesics & PPI's.

  • COSMO DIVISION  focuses mainly  on Dermatology segment; was established on 2070 B.S. COSMO DIVISION mainly consists of therapeutic segments like: Anti-biotic, Topical corticosteroids, Anti-Fungal, Topical Anti-biotic, Overactive bladder,  & Supplements.



This department has a team of self-motivated, dedicated, experienced pharmacists and professionals who are responsible for carrying out all the marketing activities related to branding of its products and assisting its sales team for achieving the goals of the company. In addition, MPD is responsible for introducing new products, analyzing & tracking competitors through market survey, identifying opportunity in the industry, collecting & disseminating medical information to its valued customers through competent MSR.