The sustainable health care system is possible by easy access to proper healthcare that consequently improves quality of life. Easy access to medicine at an affordable price could enable better support to effective health delivery system.  The change in the global medicine trend due to emergence of new diseases and resistant microorganism has always challenged the Pharmaceutical industries to focus on emerging problems and challenges. Hence, the continual evolution and advancement of the pharmaceutical technology has become a fundamental in the control and elimination of diseases.


With the vision to provide sustainable solution to the health care challenges and support nation's self-sufficiency in medicine, TIME Pharmaceuticals was established in October 1995 and it commenced its commercial production and marketing in November 1997. Today, with a leading portfolio of quality product TIME Pharmaceuticals is able to gain widespread recognition and establish itself as one of the leading Pharmaceutical Company in Nepal, catering more than 180 products of major therapeutic segments.


TIME Pharmaceutical  is committed to deliver the best of health care services to every individual for a healthier life which has constantly inspired our people to innovate, excel and set new benchmarks. Marching towards excellence, TIME Pharmaceutical with a world-class manufacturing unit produces therapeutic products portfolio that matches international class and offers the best services which is required in the better health care delivery system. We are focused towards extending our product portfolio, improving the existing products as well as drug delivery systems and expanding product applications with an appropriate update of latest technologies and upgrading facilities by technical collaboration with the MNC.


The abbreviation of TIME stands for : 

T   for     Technology based

I     for     Innovation driven

M  for     Manufacturer of Quality Products to

E   for     Enhance Nation's Economy and Sustainable