TIME Pharmaceuticals is a WHO-GMP, certified Pharmaceuticals Company founded on October 1995 and is addressing Nepali pharma markets by developing and manufacturing diverse products portfolio of high value solid, semi-solid and liquid products. After 2 years of establishment, TIME Pharmaceuticals has started its commercial production and marketing in November, 1997. We are one of the fastest growing pharmaceuticals in Nepal and in 24 years of establishment, we are able to market more than 200 products of different therapeutic segments. With an expertise in marketing, stakeholders, intellectual property, and advanced R&D/technology and operation we are able to achieve the set goals by a group of highly skilled professionals.

We, TIME Pharmaceuticals are guided by the slogan "Touching Lives, Delivering Promises" and driven with the vision to enhance the national health care system by assisting country to become self-sufficient in many medicines. We are committed to deliver the best of health care services to every individual for a healthier life which has constantly inspired our people to innovate, excel and set new benchmarks. We bring 24 years of experience to our client's projects and we highly emphasize quality, safety and cost. We are also concerned about waste reduction and care for the environment and are reinforcing our operation and are working with approved suppliers who compliances waste minimization standards and process control. By giving the highest emphasis on quality, our company has earned a reputation as a reliable, safe, and trusted pharmaceutical company in Nepal. We are proud to share that, TIME Pharmaceuticals was able to manufacture and distribute essential medicine throughout the country at the time of COVID-19 pandemic as well and we appreciate efforts of all the energetic staffs, vendors, and all concern authorities who were involved in smooth management and supply of medicines at that time.

We promise we continuously expand our product portfolio to improve patient's health by identifying, developing and manufacturing meaningful products that address unmet needs of patients by continuous improvement on the innovation and technology because innovation and a timely execution of our business plan is our core organization’s strategy. Collaboration with "SQUARE Pharmaceutical" - a pharma giant of Bangladesh is example of innovation for the advancement in technology that TIME Pharma has adopts to provide the products that meet international standards.

 The abbreviation of TIME stands for : 

T   for    Technology based

I   for    Innovation driven

M  for    Manufacturer of Quality Products

E   for    Enhance Nation's Economy and Sustainable Growth