The emergence of worsening environmental degradation and  numerous social problems are posing serious threat to our world and mankind. Every business organization is a part the society and it is a certainly grow from it. It is a moral responsibility of all the individuals and corporate house to response in the worried situation and need to react contribute for improvements.. Being a responsible corporate citizen, Time pharma has been organizing various CSR activities especially focused in environmental issues, and local community developments etc our corporate culture is contribute a bit in making our world a better place to live in. We firmly believe that a small approach from our part would make a big difference to our society.                                                                                          



Our Strategy is to concentrate CSR activities mainly around local communities where our facilities, plants & offices are located. Also, our primarily concentration are to uplift the healthcare standards of our local communities. We organize awareness program, periodical health camps, and medicine donation program enhancing the lives of the people & also we always strive to be responsive to the needs expressed by the community.

 Our CSR activities involves:

  • Earthquake relief activities

  • Health camp 

  • Blood donation camp 

  • Anti-pollution campaign